DC Motor Repair

We have a long History of DC Motor repair

Exciter DC motor repair
As motor repair experts, we have a long history of expertise repairing DC motors for our customers.  We have repaired DC motors manufactured as far back as the 1940's.  Though we see less and less DC motors every year because of the advent of VFD drives and AC motors, we still get several in from paper and plastic companies whose processes use a lot of varying speeds.  We see them as small as 1hp to large DC motors that are several hundred horsepower.

DC Motor repair capabilities:

  • Rewinding of field coils
  • Rewinding of armatures
  • Cut and undercut commutators

From a repair standpoint, DC motors tend to take longer to repair due to their make-up.

Full Run-Testing to Assure Quality:

Run-Test a DC Exciter motor

Next time you have a DC motor that needs repair, trust York to deliver time and time again.



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