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At York, we offer a number of industrial repair solutions that decrease your downtime and save you money.  Like our predictive maintenance services, to ensure your equipment operates safely and functions properly.  Like our Electric Motor Repair service, celebrating 50 years of experience, Large Motor Repair included, we do what very few can.  Like our industry leading Servo Motor Repair service, with over 13,000 servo motor's repaired!   We believe that attention to the little things makes the greatest difference, especially when it comes to caring for our customers and their processes. This care begins with investing in our team. Every member of our staff—from administration to technicians—receives training to continually advance their skills and knowledge base, because every one of us has a hand in making our customer’s experience exceptional.

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ST. LOUIS, MO, USA – August 31, 2021 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – York Repair, Inc., in Bay City, Michigan, has been re-approved through a third-party audit as an EASA Accredited Service Center.

(Pictured: Jason Mioduch being congratulated by York President, Kevin Krupp) A beautiful Friday afternoon as York celebrates another employee milestone.  Jason Mioduch, the servo motor expert and department manager, has been with us for 20 years now!  He started out winding motors but soon latched onto servo repair and has upped our game in that department ever since.  Jason's vast training and technical skill over many brands are second to none in the industry.  Jason graduated from Minnesota West Tech in motor repair and has attended extensive training in servo motors in the time since. 

Thursday, February 11,  2016    Steve Jezowski celebrated 40 years with York Repair Inc, recently.  Steve (pictured on far right, next to Kevin Krupp, President, and Frank York, Founder, who is telling one of many funny stories with Steve) came to York right out of the Navy.  Steve was the 2nd employee at York, and he has seen it grow from a small company (where Steamers Pub used to be in Bay City) to the now 80,000 square foot Technical Center it is today.

York Repair has announced that it has been approved as an EASA Accredited Service Center for achieving excellence in quality. York is the first company in Lower Michigan to receive EASA Accreditation.

To earn this distinction, York has “successfully demonstrated through a third party, independent audit that it follows the prescribed good practices to consistently deliver quality electromechanical repairs that maintain or improve AC electric motor efficiency and reliability.”

Earlier this month, York celebrated the 30th anniversary of Brian Martin at a luncheon with all employees in attendance. Brian, a graduate of the now defunct Southwestern Tech in Jackson, Minnesota, which specialized in teaching electric motor maintenance and repair, came to York after working for a competitor in Chicago, a year out of school. Starting on the tech center floor as a winder, Brian quickly moved up to supervisor, then plant manager. But ultimately, he has served as the main go-to person on the phone when the customer calls for a repair or parts, many a time in a frantic rush.

BAY CITY, MI -- Chris Cathcart says the 14th of every month is now noted as "Michael Day," in honor of her nephew, Sgt. 1st Class Michael Cathcart, who was killed Nov. 14, 2014, while serving with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.

Those closest to the Bay City native have found different ways of remembering and honoring the fallen soldier -- some simple, some more complex.

We got a call in the afternoon that the stator from Sanford Lake Dam was about to be removed using a large crane.  This project was started earlier in the winter, when 1 of their 3 lines went down due to failure.  This is the first time one of these generators have been off-line due to breakdown since they were installed- in the 1920's!  Pretty amazing that they have gotten almost 100 years of use without failing.  Before they could remove the stator and rotor and all the related turbine pieces, they had to cut a hole in the roof, and then construct a removable slide piece.  

On the harsh, cold lakeshore and a frigid (-14), Don Maxon and I pulled up to the Sanford Lake Dam to pick up a 22 ton rotor from a 1,375 KVA turbine generator.  It is one of three generators that were installed in the the 1920's - and the FIRST to go bad!  Because none of these turbine generators had ever been removed for repair, the rigging company had to fabricate a removable roof piece to get this turbine out, piece by piece.  

Escalating investments in the exploration and production of conventional oil and gas is propelling the adoption of pumps around the world. The Western hemisphere will lead the way in uptake as production surges owing to the shale oil and gas boom in North America, oil sands in Canada, and conventional reserves in Brazil, Venezuela and Mexico. New deep-water and ultra-deep-water reserves in Asia-Pacific will contribute further towards oil and gas production, and in turn, the sale of pumps.

It was the Thursday before Easter weekend when the situation started. York Repair was working at a large rubber manufacturing company in Grand Rapids, investigating a failure on a 1250hp DC motor. The motor failure would have caused the shutdown of North American Operations in a matter of week, if they were not back up and running. The repair of their motor was a minimum 3 weeks due to the catastrophic failure of the winding's. We were investigating alternate options for locating a used motor we could get delivered and installed. There were no motors readily available for shipment.

John Monville has been a fixture at York Repair and with its customers for 30 years now. You don't see that very often anymore. Our commitment to our customers is mirrored by people like John.  John's commitment to the job and the customer is second to none. Without that commitment, York wouldn't exist.  A master service technician, John runs the field service department.  But he is also an excellent motor winder, a machinist, and can pretty much do all repairs on motors and other industrial equipment that comes in. Thank you for your outstanding hard work and sticking it out here.

The Technical Service Manager and in-house "Expert", Steve Jezowski turns 60 years old today.  Steve, who started with York 38 years ago, was the second employee hired by Frank York (the first was the late Bob Lewis).  He trained in the Navy and was immediately hired following his military service.  Steve also teaches technical classes at Delta College.  Steve is known throughout the state for his vast knowledge and troubleshooting abilities.

Last week, York hired a company called SMS Tank Cleaning Services to come in and clean our 2,000 gallon VPI tank system.  We use it for motor stators up to 8,000 HP after they have been rewound.  The polyester resin coats the windings before being “baked on” for protection.

Congressmen Dan Kildee visited York Repair along with The Bay Area Chambers Manufacturing Council.  The Congressmen, a freshmen Democrat, toured the facility with Frank York and family, management, Michael Seward, president and chief executive officer of the Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, and local media members.  Jeff York, the Council Chair, led the group through the tour.  Kildee spoke to several technicians before taking questions from the press, followed by a luncheon, and a Q & A with the Manufacturing Council.

We have completed our new servo motor repair lab to accommodate more technicians and more repairs! The 1980 sq. foot facility was transformed from an existing warehouse into a well-lit, spacious room with a high ceiling and lined with large windows, to let the sunshine in. It is equipped with a new Econoline sandblaster, new paint booth, 1/2 ton lifting capacity, and a newly finished floor.

York Repair's Annual clay shoot was held in September and over 40 customer's showed up to enjoy a day at the beautiful Bay County Conservation Club in Crump, MI.  Several sales and management staff at York, including Frank York as seen above, teamed up with customers to blast away at little clay pigeons, which seemed to be coming from everywhere!  A lunch served by Bay Cafe was enjoyed as well.

Fellow Team member Randy Badour, pictured 2nd from left, has a passion for guitar playing, singing, and good times.  He is a member of the legendary local-band, The Matt Ryan Band.  He jangles and twangs across the stage like a lunatic fringe, showing anyone in attendance that it is quite OK to have a good time!  He writes some of the songs and collaborates on others, he sings back-up and some of the leads, and of course, he jangles.  His band is very polished as well.  They play all over the state of Michigan, opening for national acts along the way.

We recently purchased a new pick-up for our fleet and decided to try a graphics wrap.  After acquiring several quotes, we settled on Graphik Concepts in Farmington Hills, MI.  After several weeks of changes between our marketing department and their designer, we got it right!  A local designer, Adam Wernecke, designed the York "Dude" holding the big wrench.  York has many plans for this new mascot, an electro-mechanical "tough-guy" technician; it represents strength and tenacity, with a little bit of attitudeIf you happen to see the new truck around town or down-state, give it a

We are proud to announce, that today at 12pm, the entire staff at York Repair will gather at our pavilion to hold a luncheon in honor of Jeff York and Kevin Krupp, for their 20 years of service at York. Kevin has served as President for most of his time here and Jeff is currently Vice-President of Sales. Both have been key members in the growth and development phase of York, adding both new divisions and hundreds of regional accounts along the way.

Recently, the Bay Area Chamber Manufacturers council met at York for a discussion on new business development.  The Council, which champions area businesses and brings them together to talk about best practices, helps others’ to shorten the learning curve in business.

Last week, we got an emergency call from the Fox Theatre in Detroit, asking if we could fix an elevator motor from their stage elevator that suddenly went out.  Knowing that we have repaired many large elevator motors through the years, we drove down and picked it up.  The motor was from a 1920 Otis elevator!

Not only was it from 1920, but it still had original windings in it!  This motor had never burned up in almost 100 years of use.  Extraordinary!

Earlier this year, York Repair finished its second session of Dale Carnegie training, held on-site.  They put 50 employees through the course in 2012, with the remaining employees having taken it previously.

This past week, York was given, “The Dale Carnegie Leadership Award,” for their commitment to integrating Dale Carnegie training company-wide.  The award was presented to them by Dan Handley, the President of Handley and Associates who conduct the training, and Wendy Groll, who instructed both sessions and was praised for her work.

Company founder, Frank York, celebrated his 70th birthday down in Daytona Beach, Florida. His sons, Jeff and Jade, surprised him by flying down to spend the weekend with him. Also joining the group were son-in-law Kevin, his twin, Keith, Frank's oldest grandchild, Dakota, and family friend Chad. Frank's good pal Freddy, arranged to meet the group at the North Turn Bar and Grill on the beach, where they sat outside on the patio awaiting his arrival.

Joe Ellers, author of “The Sales Managers Handbook: How to Get the Results that You Want,” dropped by last week for an intense 2-day sales training.  Their entire sales staff and several others, including many newcomers to York, attended the training.  Many left buzzing at all the knowledge they gained and where to focus their efforts to be successful.  A couple of concepts that Joe focused on were, “know what goals the customer is trying to accomplish each year, what’s important to them, and how your sales can accomplish their goals.

It all started as a servo repair for one of our largest customers.  Jason, from our servo team, came in last Saturday morning and repaired a Fanuc motor, which was then sent into the plant.  The problem was, this wasn’t “The Answer.”

We got a call from the plants control engineer saying that their machine has been down for 5 days now and they could not get it running.  Our solution was to send in “The Truth,” Jeff Migut, for a field service call.

This is for a 4,000HP, 2-pole (3600rpm) rotor. Ron, with the assistance of Steve and John, is heating it up to 1,300 degrees (shown here) to melt the solder so they can slip on the new copper rings, which were manufactured by York.

First, they restacked a new lamination, and then they put in new copper bars before heating it up. Finally, they will let it cool down over night before balancing and machining it, and assemble before delivering it to a waiting customer.