Types of Servo Motor Repair

For over 40 years, We are the Motor Repair Experts!

We started with repairing standard 3 phase motors and then worked our way up to large motors with 8,000 hp! Our servo motor repair experience is more than 30 years and includes AC and DC servo, brushless and brushed servo, and servo-spindle motors. All work is performed in-house, including any machining and winding needs.

Servo and Spindle Motor Repair Fast, Reliable Motor Repair

Repair Zone offers economical motor repair from technicians that understand the ins and outs of problematic motors. We return your motor in a ‘higher’, remanufactured state, at a lower cost than you would think.

Trust York Repair to help you with:

  • AC Servo Motor Repair- Allen Bradley, Fanuc, Indramat, AEG-Modicon, Siemens, and Yaskawa to name a few of the manufacturers we work with on a daily basis.
  • DC Servo Motor Repair- Experienced technicians with over 30 years in DC repair from the likes of Baldor, Contraves, Kollmorgen, Gettys, Fanuc, Inland and others.
  • Brushless Servo Motor Repair- Got a bad stator? We can rewind it. Got a bad shaft? We can machine it. Got a raw deal last time you got it repaired? Not with York, we make it right!
  • Brushed Servo Motor Repair- Your motor can be repaired at the speed of light at York! Our highly-skilled technicians can evaluate (Free), quote it (Free), get it back to you quickly!(Saving you 70%)
  • Servo-Spindle Motor Repair- At York Repair, we take pride in every step of our motor repair service, from our customer care to receiving it in, to our belief in our technicians, which is why we back our work with a full, no-hassle, one year warranty.
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