Field Service Answers the Bell!

Friday, March 8, 2013

It all started as a servo repair for one of our largest customers.  Jason, from our servo team, came in last Saturday morning and repaired a Fanuc motor, which was then sent into the plant.  The problem was, this wasn’t “The Answer.”

We got a call from the plants control engineer saying that their machine has been down for 5 days now and they could not get it running.  Our solution was to send in “The Truth,” Jeff Migut, for a field service call.

Jeff quickly determined that the problem was the Fanuc 40hp spindle drive.  After 9 hours of trouble shooting, it came down to a faulty board in the drive.  Jonathon and Brent, from the York team, searched the plant and found a spare board in another Fanuc drive from a decommissioned machine.  We installed the board and much to the delight of the controls engineer, the machine fired up and kept on running!  High-fives all around!