York Saves Aggregate Plant

Barry Gooding, Barney Ingalls
Maintenance Supervisor
St. Marys Cement Inc.

I received a call from Barry Gooding at 8:30pm on 12/22. He was looking for a 250HP motor and wanted to see what we had in stock. We had a motor from another customers inventory that fit the description. We were able to dispatch a driver to transport, and after nearly a 3 1/2 hour drive, we were able to get the unit to them by 1:30am on 12/23. I contacted Barney Ingalls to follow up with the service and he was very pleased we were able to get them out of trouble. "We were back up and running by 5:15 am on 12/23. Huge kudos to York and the driver(Don Maxon) that made the run. Many, many thanks!"