Saving The World, One Motor At A Time!

Being in the industrial repair business, we expect our customers to ‘keep us on our toes.’ No matter the industry served, we have to be prepared to react pretty quickly on a daily basis. Everyone in our organization knows this! Whether it be a rush emergency or a planned outage, or anywhere in between, we strive to meet their deadline. For example, on August 17th we had the odd combination of a scheduled outage and a RUSH repair! A customer in Industrial Supply, who we buy our dry ice from which is used in our cryogenic cleaning process (Field Services), planned this outage with us with the caveat that we finish in 24 hours! We drove down and picked up their 900 Horsepower medium voltage motor to do a full recondition. We finished and delivered in less than 24 hours! We had to send down a field service team with the motor to do a laser alignment on-site. Now, this was a blower motor and you have to let them run for a while to get the blower assembly up to temperature to reset its alignment. When we re-aligned the motor, we had to set it 4 thousandths lower so when it heats up, it normalizes. On the following Monday, we had to go back and do a ‘hot’ alignment to complete the job. Amy, their project manager, was very pleased with our service and said: “It couldn’t have worked out better.” As an organization,we feel blessed to be given opportunities like this to shine!