Friday, April 19, 2013      Last week, we got an emergency call from the Fox Theatre in Detroit, asking if we could fix an elevator motor from their stage elevator that suddenly went out.

Winding in the Dark

It was the Friday before Christmas, and all through the company, everyone anticipating a 4-day vacation with their families. The day started like many others, with a handful of rush repairs that needed to get done before break.

ATTICA HYDRAULIC AND FANUC, HELP US TO SAVE OUR CUSTOMERS DAY! One of the great assets we have is the relationships we have built, over the years, with the many great vendors we have aligned ourselves with.

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Yesterday, I went along with our driver, Lyle, to deliver a special motor to a peculiar place: onto a freight ship in Lake Huron. It was a special 50hp DC wench motor that we pulled off the ship a couple weeks ago when in port.