VPI Resin Tank Cleaned, better for Large Motor Repair

Friday, March 14, 2014

Last week, York hired a company called SMS Tank Cleaning Services to come in and clean our 2,000 gallon VPI tank system.  We use it for motor stators up to 8,000 HP after they have been rewound.  The polyester resin coats the windings before being “baked on” for protection.

SMS, which specializes in rubber asphalt and VPI tank cleaning services, is the only company that does this. They travel non-stop across the country providing this service.  They worked 5 12-hour days to complete the job.  The process is 2 parts:  First, the resin is drained out of the dipping tank and filtered several times to get the purity down to 50 micron’s. This takes all of the impurities out of the resin that have built up over the past several years.  In turn, pure resin will better insulate coils and provide a more thorough VPI process.  Resin penetration into the coils is perfect.  Secondly, the empty tank is scrapped by hand and completely wiped down with acetone.  This is 100% done by hand!

Now that our tank has been intensely cleaned, it enhances our rewind service and adds to the overall repair product that our customers receive.  A necessary value added