Sales Guru, Joe Ellers, Stops by York Repair

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Joe Ellers, author of “The Sales Managers Handbook: How to Get the Results that You Want,” dropped by last week for an intense 2-day sales training.  Their entire sales staff and several others, including many newcomers to York, attended the training.  Many left buzzing at all the knowledge they gained and where to focus their efforts to be successful.  A couple of concepts that Joe focused on were, “know what goals the customer is trying to accomplish each year, what’s important to them, and how your sales can accomplish their goals.  Preparing yourself for each sales call and knowing exactly what you want to accomplish during each call will make you much more effective in sales.”  All in all, a great 2-day seminar that gave people tremendous perspective from a giant in the sales expertise world.  And on York’s behalf, investing in their people through continuous improvement training is part of their vision.

Joseph C. Ellers has worked in hundreds of businesses in almost every industry including aerospace, apparel, automotive, electronics, engineering, food, gas, medical equipment, publishing, software, motor repair and industrial equipment, and many others.  He has also consulted with various distribution associations such as, The American Supply Association, Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA), and others.  Mr. Ellers has written 6 other books including, “American Government: The Case for a Return to Federalism.”