Brian Martin Passes the 30 Year Milestone at York

Friday, May 29, 2015

Earlier this month, York celebrated the 30th anniversary of Brian Martin at a luncheon with all employees in attendance. Brian, a graduate of the now defunct Southwestern Tech in Jackson, Minnesota, which specialized in teaching electric motor maintenance and repair, came to York after working for a competitor in Chicago, a year out of school. Starting on the tech center floor as a winder, Brian quickly moved up to supervisor, then plant manager. But ultimately, he has served as the main go-to person on the phone when the customer calls for a repair or parts, many a time in a frantic rush. Brian's claim de fame is, "saving the world, one motor at a time," he often says jokingly, but always with a hint of seriousness. "In this business, our customers depend on us to keep their equipment and machines running. So we try to be very flexible to accommodate their needs, emergencies notwithstanding. "Brian's knowledge is a huge asset to customers, and has helped to grow a thriving base," said Jeff York, Manager of Business Development. York would like to thank him for his hard work and commitment during those 30 years, and helping us grow to where we are today.