A true visionary, Frank K. York founded YORK REPAIR, INC. (formerly York Electric) out of his garage in 1971, in Bay City, Michigan. Frank first became a master electrician, and at the age of 28, set out to perform alarm system installation and electrical contracting. Soon after, he moved his operations into a small space on Linn Street.

It was during this time that Frank saw a need for electric motor repair, since there was only one motor repair shop in the area. He used his Dow maintenance experience in motors and controls to begin repairing electric motors. He then transferred his operations into an old mattress factory on Grant Street where he hired Bob Lewis, who had 30 years of repair experience, and Steve Jezowski, who was fresh out of the Navy where he was trained as an electrician. Steve is still with the company today and teaches at Delta College.

The business had been going well and by 1979 Frank saw the need for a much bigger facility, which he found in the old Wellmen's pattern facility in the Marquette Industrial Park. The building had the heavy lifting capacity that was needed to lift large motors, as this was the next step in the company's progression: being able to perform large motor repair. The facility also had additional space and nearby buildings to support further expansion if necessary.

Less than 10 years after purchasing the Wellmen facility, and through the loving support of his wife, the late Alice York, he started a large addition that would increase York Repair's capacity and place them among only a few repair companies in the entire region.

In the early 1990s, Frank's son, Jeff York, and son-in-law, Kevin Krupp, came into the family business. Kevin is now the president, and Jeff is head of sales. By 2002, Frank's daughter, Danielle, joined the team to lead the human resources department. In 2008, son Jade joined to help start the online commerce store, Repair Zone.

With a desire to have a further repair reach to customers outside our region coupled with a growing inventory of automation equipment, York started the website Repair Zone.

Today, York Repair boasts a full industrial repair facility including: a winding department, a full machining center, a servo motor lab, an electronics lab, a field services department, an asset management program, and now the online store, Repair Zone. Furthermore, York continues to reinvent itself in order to be pro-active and find new ways to offer valuable services to our customers. Clearly, the results of Frank's vision has grown York Repair beyond "just a motor shop" and into an 80,000 square foot Technician Center.