Asset Management

Let York handle your corporate warranty and repair needs!

With over 40 years of experience in motor repair and over a decade devoted specifically to motor management, York is the choice for handling your warranty and repair needs. Our facility includes an 80,000-square-foot, up-to-date Technician Center, and with two shifts we are able to provide around-the-clock service to meet your needs.

Asset Management Highlights:

  • Customer savings of $1,900,000 in 2012
  • Over 15,000 items processed annually
  • Warranty management contracts with 7 major automotive plants
  • Nine of our 70 plus employees are dedicated to the Customer Service and Inventory Division
  • Customized online system for instant access to job status
  • Full-time computer programmer on-site to support custom reporting needs
  • Established relationships with close to 400 manufacturers
  • Scheduled daily pickup and delivery

Features of our Warranty and Repair programs:

  • Status of all warranty work and repairs, including pricing and anticipated delivery dates, are available on a daily basis via online or through automated e-mail reporting.
  • Each item is given a unique asset number for lifetime warranty tracking. All items under warranty are automatically flagged upon receipt.
  • Each item is analyzed against inventory balance and min/max levels prior to repair resulting in significant cost savings from inventory reduction.
  • Vendor performance is tracked including warranty tracking, cost, repair cycle time, and quality.
  • Warranty and repairs are dropped off and picked up on a pre-determined frequency (i.e. daily, bi-weekly, weekly, etc.).
  • Items are processed within 24 hours of receipt and sent to an authorized repair facility.
  • York’s Asset Management Division is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
  • Please contact our Customer Service and Inventory department for additional information and to schedule a formal presentation.

Leave the Warranty and Repair work to the Experts at York!