Large Motor Repair

For over 43 years, York has been committed to providing expert motor repair.  Equipped with a large burn out oven and a heat curing oven, along with a High capacity VPI system, York is able to offer complete motor winding and repair services for medium-voltage large motors, up to 6,000HP. 

A preventative maintenance repair can reduce your costs by saving your motor from a catastrophic breakdown, which can derail production for days or weeks.  Or, if you do experience a breakdown, we can offer a timely, rewind and full-repair as well.  Our full-service Technician Center performs the entire repair, under one roof using capabilities such as:

·         A full winding department for large motor rewinds

·         Complete machining capabilities, including several lathes, mills, grinders, presses, CNC turning centers, and Full welding and metallizing

·         Shaft repair and remanufacture

·         Replace, repair bearings

·         Remanufacture slip rings

·         Rotor rewind and re-bar

·         Dynamic balance up to 20,000 lbs.

·         And lifting capacity of 20 tons

When a repair is complete, we run-test your motor in our high voltage center, using our variable voltage power supply up to 7200VAC and VDC, on an isolated vibration-free floor plate, to guarantee the quality of our work and ensure peak performance of your motor.

Our Mid-Michigan location enhances our ability to provide comprehensive services throughout the Midwest, including Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee and Kentucky.

Our primary customers are utilities, petro-chemical, aggregate and municipalities.


York repair, “Industrial repair solutions that decrease your downtime”