Field Services Overview at York Repair

If you are not on top of your equipment your maintenance costs will skyrocket.   A Preventative/Predictive maintenance program with York can be the difference.  York Field Services can help to reduce your costs significantly and increase profitability by catching troubled equipment before catastrophic failures occur.  A reduction in downtime can be seen by having us dry-ice clean your motor, to remove contaminates, at your facility without having to remove it.  A noisy blower fan can lead to a lengthy repair, but York’s team can come in and do a laser alignment and get it back on track.  Recently, we changed bearings on a fan motor on-site, of which the plant could not run without.  They make electricity.  Most of our competitors’ are reactionary, offering little in prevention.  That’s where York comes in.  Our Field Service Team can show up at your facility with less than 24-hour notice.  We have the flexibility to absorb your emergency