What Summer Heat Can Do to Motors

During the heat of summer, the temperature in industrial manufacturing plants is on the rise.  When this happens, the exterior temperature on electric motors and other equipment increases as well.  This will make it run hotter which leaves equipment much more susceptible to breakdown.

When this happens, there are several things that can be done to avoid catastrophic breakdowns, especially with larger motors, which are expensive to repair and even more expensive to replace.  You also have to consider lead-time on replacement.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Vents and filters plugged in motors
  • Bad oil in bearing cavities
  • Restricted fan covers
  • Low PI test
  • Malfunctioning fan

Vents and Filters - if your vents and filters are plugged, especially 2-poled motors, it won’t be able to discharge heat properly. 


How we can help - Our field service team can come to your site, with long brushes; our guys will clean your vents and filters, and then vacuum them out.  This will get the heat discharged and keep your motor cooler.

Bad Oil – if your bearing cavities are filled with contaminated oil, bearings will decrease in efficiency.


How we can help - Similar to an oil change on your car, we can come in and change the oil and lube on your motors bearings.  This is the easiest and less costly preventative maintenance that we offer.

Fan Covers – Can become restricted from debris and contamination leading to a hotter running motor that could burn up and fail.


How York can help – We can come in and make sure all fans on your equipment are free of debris and properly aligned, which will keep your equipment running longer and more efficient.

PI Testing – A low score on a Polarization Index test, means the insulation on the motors windings has deteriorated and may soon be compromised leading to a burned up motor.


How York can help: York Field Service Team conducts PI testing on motors to determine their state.  The recommended minimum value of polarization index for AC and DC motors and generators is 2.0.  Machines having windings with a lower index are less likely to be suited for operation.  If this is the case, we would recommend pulling motor and bring it back to our facility for a thorough cleaning and reconditioning of unit.  This leads to a longer life for the motor without having a complete rewind and much less downtime and cost.

Malfunctioning Fan –Broken fins, dirty.


How York can help – Clean, repair, or replace any fan depending on the need.  If you have a fan direct mounted on the shaft, we can check the alignment on the application.  If it is off, we will re-align.

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