Large Motor Repair - In Less Than 3 Days!

We received a Louis Allis 400HP shear press motor from a large Automotive supplier, on a hot rush repair. This thing was a mess. Our first impression was that this was not going to be completed in a day or two. When our technicians took it apart, our suspicions were confirmed: A complete rewind was needed, the PE bearing seat on shaft was worn, PE and OPE end bells were worn, fan was broken, fan cover was broken, and all the bolts for the fan cover were broken. Basically, A WORST CASE SCENARIO!

We figured out it was beyond economical repair. A new motor from Louis Allis was more than 26 weeks out. The customer told us to repair it. They could not wait. We then put the order in for the parts needed and they would arrive in 3 days. In the meantime, we rewound the stator, and did the machining on the shaft and other mechanical incongruencies. When the parts arrived, we put it back together and the repair took less than 3 days!

We took a worst case scenario and turned it into a best case scenario for our customer. We followed up with Jim Czolgosz, and he said, ”the motor is in and it runs great! Another miracle performed by your company!