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Yesterday, I went along with our driver, Lyle, to deliver a special motor to a peculiar place: onto a freight ship in Lake Huron. It was a special 50hp DC wench motor that we pulled off the ship a couple weeks ago when in port. It is used on the ship’s unloading conveyor belt, which takes the stone from underneath the ship and brings it out and piles it onto the shore of the stoneyard. Each load, this ship transports up to 22,000 tons of stone throughout the Great Lakes. It stops and delivers all around Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The motor was pretty shot. We had to do a complete rebuild and rewind on the motor, including the armature. They needed it back in a short time so we expedited the process and got it done rather quickly. When the ship came back to the dock, we drove over with the motor and had McNally Crane meet us to unload it from our truck. The crane got situated and we securely rigged the motor, and away it went - nearly 100 feet into the air! It was loaded onto the front of the mammoth ship and placed precisely where they needed it. It was quite a sight seeing a motor being lifted 100 feet into the air. In fact, it was sort of scary. Driving back to York Repair, I couldn’t help but reflect on the camaraderie that was there between 4 different companies, working together for a desired outcome: The freight company (ship), the crane, the aggregate company (the stoneyard), and us.