ATTICA HYDRAULIC AND FANUC, HELP US TO SAVE OUR CUSTOMERS DAY! One of the great assets we have is the relationships we have built, over the years, with the many great vendors we have aligned ourselves with. Togather, we are able to provide a wider scope of services and products in both emergency and non-emergency situations. The following are 2 case studies that help to support this: On 3/10, our biggest customer, Nexteer Automotive, sent us a large Fanuc spindle amplifier to be repaired, but we were not set-up to test this model. So we quickly called Fanuc and they had a refurb shipped to our customer the next day. They had their machine back up and running before noon. Many thanks to Fanuc! On the same day, another customer called for a HOT oil gear pump. Unfortunately, we did not have a spare for them and they did not have time to take one out of another machine. So we called a new vendor in Chesterfield, MI, Attica Hydraulic, and they shipped one up that day and our customer was running again by nightfall! We even saved our customer additional money by exchanging their old unit with Attica. Many thanks to ATTICA! And many thanks to all of our great vendors that help to support our customers!