Your Emergency is Ours!

The Resin Lady
Americans Compounding Specialties

“I just wanted to share with you what a great job your team did last week when we lost a 600 HP motor on one of our extruders. We make plastic for a living – and we couldn’t! This was an emergency situation for us – and your team treated it like their own emergency. Your team arrived early on Wednesday to examine and pull the motor. While diagnosing the root cause of the failure in your shop, your team also identified a replacement motor that we could have on Thursday to get us up and running again. Your team came to our facility at midnight on Friday morning to help get us running! This is incredible support from a supplier – and sadly, not something that we see in America on a routine basis. Thank you for helping to keep the 30-jobs, manufacturing jobs, here at our facility in America! Our Motto is, “Heart, Soul, All-In” and we can see that yours is the same. Keep up the good work."