Motor Ran For Nearly 100 Years At Fox Theatre

Friday, April 19, 2013

Last week, we got an emergency call from the Fox Theatre in Detroit, asking if we could fix an elevator motor from their stage elevator that suddenly went out.  Knowing that we have repaired many large elevator motors through the years, we drove down and picked it up.  The motor was from a 1920 Otis elevator!

Not only was it from 1920, but it still had original windings in it!  This motor had never burned up in almost 100 years of use.  Extraordinary!

When we got it, we dissassembled the 20hp motor and noticed it had the 'old' square wire and form in it.  We had to redesign it and convert it to 9-5 round wire and skein wound (by hand) each coil.  It was an arduous task, but York redesigned, rewound, and returned the motor in less a week after receiving the materials.

An official from the Theatre called and said, "Thanks Brian, sorry for being a pain in your behind and calling all the time."  Not a problem, THIS is what York does!