Team York helps to put an End to a Machine's Issue

"Thank you for your help in providing the rebuilt spindle for our cam grinder.  Your help in coordinating delivery of the spindle as well as your assistance in trouble shooting the root cause of our excessive use of spindles was outstanding and much appreciated.  Thanks again."

R. Miller
Manufacturing Engineer
Tier 1 Automotive Parts Supplier
Field Service gets Servo Motor running just in Time!

"Jonathan...Special thank you to your technician for fixing my pulse coder on spindle motor on Dept. 76 lathe.  He was able to repair it without taking the motor out..got it running just in time as they ran out of parts this morning."

Jimmy Shultz
Tier 1 Automotive Parts Supplier
Very Impressive Workmanship

"Good Morning.  It was nice to speak with you as well yesterday.  I spoke with one of my customers located in St. Clair.  He spoke very highly of York!  He said he toured your facility and is very impressed with your workmanship.  I'm looking forward to meeting you after the new year and seeing your facility."

Jack Jensen
Repair Sales
Peninsular Cylinder
York has Our Business

"You folks are great.  We have tried several other outfits in the past with not so good results.  York has our business.  Thanks for the follow up!  Thank you."

Tom Seaver
Star Crane
Critical Repair Keeps Assembly Line Moving

"Just want to thank you and everyone else on getting the Advantech HMI for #2 valve balancer up and running.  These are critical machines for the parts they make for the assembly lines. I, as well as everybody else, appreciates the effort put into making this happen. I can't say thanks enough for the timely repairs time and time again."

Thanks again!

D. Fisk
Controls Engineer
Tier 1 Automotive Group
York Saves Aggregate Plant

I received a call from Barry Gooding at 8:30pm on 12/22. He was looking for a 250HP motor and wanted to see what we had in stock. We had a motor from another customers inventory that fit the description. We were able to dispatch a driver to transport, and after nearly a 3 1/2 hour drive, we were able to get the unit to them by 1:30am on 12/23. I contacted Barney Ingalls to follow up with the service and he was very pleased we were able to get them out of trouble. "We were back up and running by 5:15 am on 12/23. Huge kudos to York and the driver(Don Maxon) that made the run. Many, many thanks!"

Barry Gooding, Barney Ingalls
Maintenance Supervisor
St. Marys Cement Inc.
Your Emergency is Ours!

“I just wanted to share with you what a great job your team did last week when we lost a 600 HP motor on one of our extruders. We make plastic for a living – and we couldn’t! This was an emergency situation for us – and your team treated it like their own emergency. Your team arrived early on Wednesday to examine and pull the motor. While diagnosing the root cause of the failure in your shop, your team also identified a replacement motor that we could have on Thursday to get us up and running again. Your team came to our facility at midnight on Friday morning to help get us running! This is incredible support from a supplier – and sadly, not something that we see in America on a routine basis. Thank you for helping to keep the 30-jobs, manufacturing jobs, here at our facility in America! Our Motto is, “Heart, Soul, All-In” and we can see that yours is the same. Keep up the good work."

The Resin Lady
Americans Compounding Specialties
Our Field Services Team Re-aligns a 7000HP motor!

Because we simplified the process, we were able to finish by 6pm the same day! Boasting of our accomplishment, the plant manager added, "because of the outcome and the very fast and professional service, we will not hesitate to call you in the future for field services. The boiler was fired up ahead of time, saving us who knows how much downtime. Can’t thank you guys enough!"

F. Rogers
Plant Manager
Power Utility