Electric Motor Mechanic - Bay City

We are looking to hire a full-time mechanic at our Lansing branch! Below is the job description, though we understand that the person hired may or may not immediately possess all of these abilities.  

Essential Duties: Repairs special and standard AC and DC electro-mechanical equipment, and helps oversee the quality of work completed within their area.

Responsibilities: The following list contains key responsibilities; additional work may be assigned.

  • Operates specialized repair and testing equipment.
  • Regularly diagnoses and troubleshoots mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • Proficiently disassembles/assembles eddy current clutches, Demags, reducers, pumps, complex mechanical equipment, etc.
  • Carries out dynamic balance of rotor and armature assemblies as well as replaces/repairs mechanical parts (e.g. brushes, gears, seals, etc.).
  • Regularly carries out vibration analysis.
  • Procures special parts per material request form.
  • Operates Fork Trucks (certified); Quality System/Safety Policy trained.
  • Observes all safety procedures and uses proper protective gear.

Pay & Qualifications:

$14.00-$18.00 based on experience

Desired education: high school diploma/GED. It is ideal that candidates have experience in repairing industrial mechanical equipment. Other key skills include:

  • Self-motivated.
  • Ability to foster good employee/employer relations.
  • Sound mechanical aptitude and hand-eye coordination.
  • Has a thorough understanding of motor components and electrical theory.
  • Has a basic understanding of schematics.
  • Can operate dial indicators, calipers, micrometers, and surge/megger testers.
  • Ability to lift 50lbs and adequately carry out a range of physical labor.

How To Apply: email resumes to Dan Dickenson in Human Resources: ddickenson@yorkrepair.com