Randy from York, Rock's Matt Ryan Band!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fellow Team member Randy Badour, pictured 2nd from left, has a passion for guitar playing, singing, and good times.  He is a member of the legendary local-band, The Matt Ryan Band.  He jangles and twangs across the stage like a lunatic fringe, showing anyone in attendance that it is quite OK to have a good time!  He writes some of the songs and collaborates on others, he sings back-up and some of the leads, and of course, he jangles.  His band is very polished as well.  They play all over the state of Michigan, opening for national acts along the way.

On this warm summer night, they were playing at the Bay County Fair, where York was a sponsor.  They were pitted right next to the race track where the loud and raucous Bump and Grind race was taking place.  It was actually a really cool effect, having these nasty racing machine's engines revving up, as a back-drop to The Matt Ryan Band's country-rock tones and harmony's. After the race was out, many of the 1,200 fans joined in with Randy and his band, to finish off this raucous night.  I asked Randy what he thought of the evening and he said, "Just another good time shared with a bunch of friends, that's why I play."  Well, here's to Randy and his band going all the way, their songs are that good.  Cheers!