Lansing Electric Motors is Now a Division of York Repair Inc.

York Repair, of  Bay City, has acquired Lansing Electric Motors, in Lansing Michigan.  The acquisition marks a significant milestone in York’s history, making it one of the first motor apparatus/service centers in the State of Michigan to have multiple branches available to its customers.  Lansing Electric will retain all of it's current staff and location, but will join the expanding York Team.

The addition of LEM, gives York a strategic location in the lower-middle of the state, which will allow it to better serve both new and existing customers in Southeast Michigan (Detroit area) as well as the entire West Michigan (Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Muskegan, Battle Creek) area of the State.

Perhaps the biggest benefit gained as a result of the acquisition, is the addition of a well-seasoned team of professionals on LEM’s staff.  To start with, there’s tech center supervisor John Parrish and Al Keener, and Johnatan as long-time technicians,  just to name a few of the 11 employed at that 20,000 square foot facility located at 1905 S. Washington Avenue.

Lansing Electric Motors has established long history of quality sales and service dating all of the way back to 1943 when the company was founded by Frederick Selby.  LEM will continue to provide excellent service to its existing customer base, but will now have the ability to gain new business in the region as a result of added capabilities as a branch of York Repair.  The two branches will complement each other well;  as there are unique services that each location provides that will now be available to BOTH York and LEM customers.  Welder and generator repair are just a couple of examples of services LEM brings to the partnership that were not services offered by York in the past.